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Guangzhou Baiyun Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Guangzhou Baiyun Association of Women Entrepreneurs

On the 20th of July, Huana co-organized a health-themed event with the Guangzhou Baiyun Association of Women Entrepreneurs. The theme of the event was "Well-being During the Pandemic". 

As a local Guangzhou company, Huana is honored to co-organize this event with the local Association of Women Entrepreneurs during this special period. We are proud to introduce our company to the members of the association and to share our company's dedication to the production of sorbitan esters and polysorbates. As well as sharing our experience in coping with the pandemic situation. We are determined in keeping promises to our world-wide customers; to provide them with high-quality and reliable products and services.



During the event, we invited over 50 members of the association as well as Dr. Fan, who is a Chinese medicine associate professor and a committee member of the World Anti-aging Academy of Medicine. Dr. Fan explained about the Coronavirus, routes of transmission as well as ways to prevent infection. Most importantly, he talked about plans for the prevention and mitigation of the virus at workplaces. It is crucial for companies that employees’ wellbeing and safety are guaranteed when they return to work. 


Meanwhile, Dr. Fan shared ways and tips for daily exercises and acupoint massages, which can improve and strengthen our immunity in the long-term, as well as lower than chances of infections and inflammations.


This pandemic has brought our attention to the importance of upkeeping our health. We care about our employees' wellbeing and put their health and their families' health first in the time of the pandemic. Therefore, we hope Huana’s employees as well as all our guests have benefited from the extensive knowledge shared in this session.

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