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What is Polysorbate?

What is Polysorbate?

1. Introduction of polysorbate

Polysorbate is an orange-yellow or light-yellow relatively viscous liquid with a slight bitterness. Polysorbate is often used as a component of drugs. For example, it can be made into capsule preparations or ointment preparations. In addition, polysorbate can be used as an emulsifier in the industry.

2. The use of polysorbate

Polysorbate has a wide range of uses. Polysorbate is a polyhydric alcohol type nonionic surfactant. It has significant resistance to electrolytes and strong hydrophilicity. It is widely used in liquid, semi-solid and solid preparations as O/W emulsifiers, solubilizers, wetting agents, dispersants and stabilizers.

Polysorbate is a type of excellent O/W emulsifier, high concentration of electrolyte and changes in pH have little effect on its emulsification ability. It has a good emulsification effect on vegetable oil, mineral oil, animal fat, etc. It can be used in emulsions for external, oral and injection. This product can be used in combination with hydrophilic emulsifiers (such as sorbitan esters and sodium lauryl sulfate) to enhance the stability of O/W emulsifiers or creams.

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