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Do You Know About the Advantages of Low Foaming Nonionic Surfactants?

Do You Know About the Advantages of Low Foaming Nonionic Surfactants?

1. Low foaming nonionic surfactants

Detergent is a very broad term; it includes various kinds of industrial detergents and commercial detergents. Commercial detergent is the most common type of detergent for consumers. Besides the strength of detergency and cleaning efficiency, the property of low foaming has become an important aspect in developing both commercial and industrial detergents.

2. The advantages of low foaming nonionic surfactants

In industrial scale cleaning, having too much foam means more water and electricity are needed to remove the foam and thus increase in cost. Furthermore, operation speed, efficiency and service life of certain facilities and equipment might decline due to long period of time soaking in foam and detergents. A balance between detergency and foam can be achieved by adapting low foaming nonionic surfactant in detergent formulation. Low foaming nonionic surfactants have great surface activity, detergency, wettability, dispersancy and lubricity. At low temperatures low foaming nonionic surfactants still remain excellent fluidity and dispersancy, as well as resistant to hard water, salt, acid and alkali. In addition, low foaming nonionic surfactants can be used in conjunction with other nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants and cationic surfactants.

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