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What's Polysorbate 65?

What's Polysorbate 65?

Polysorbate 65 is also known as polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate, dehydrated sorbitan tristearate polyoxyethylene ether, T-65 emulsifier.

Polysorbate 65 is produced in the addition reaction between sorbitan tristearate and ethylene oxide with sodium hydroxide as the catalyst.

Main applications:

It can be used as emulsifier, stabilizer, wetting agent, diffusion agent, permeability agent, etc.

It is mainly used as oil-in-water emulsifier for creams and lotion cosmetics, as well as thickening agent.

It can be used as wetting agent, paraffin inhibitor for oil field.

Physical and Chemical Properties:


Apperance:amber oily viscous liquid


Relative density:unknown

Melting point:about 30 ºC

Boiling point:unknown

Flash point:>120°C (Closed cup)

Inflammability (solid, gas):unknown

Vapor pressure:<1.33hPa

Vapor density :unknown

Molecular Formula :C100H194O28

Molecular weight:1842g/mol

Partition coefficient; n-octanol/water :unknown

Upper explosion limit (%):unknown

Lower explosion limit (%):unknown

Solubility:Soluble in ethanol and ethyl acetate. Slightly soluble in mineral oil and vegetable oil. Can be dispersed in warm water

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