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What is the Effect of Sorbitan Monostearate?

What is the Effect of Sorbitan Monostearate?

  • Complexation of proteins

As an emulsifier, it can increase the affinity between food components, reduce the interfacial tension, improve the quality of food, and the processing performance of food raw materials. In bread and cake, make the protein network more closely connected, enhance the strength of the dough, inhibit the evaporation of water, increase the volume, improve the taste of food. In milk drinks, the original structure of the protein can be stretched out and combined with the hydrophobic region of the expanded protein molecule, thereby increasing the hydrophilicity of the protein and increasing its solubility. This action can improve protein stability and prevent protein aggregation and precipitation.

  • Effects on oils and fats

Sorbitan monostearate is a surfactant whose molecules are adsorbed at the water-oil interface to form an interfacial membrane, thereby reducing the surface tension and allowing one liquid to be dispersed in droplets in another liquid to form an emulsion. The interfacial membrane has a certain strength, which can protect the dispersed phase droplets, making the droplets not coalesce easily in the collision, and preventing the oil from stratifying and floating. Under the action of high-pressure homogenization and mechanical power, the emulsion can be crushed and crushed to increase the density of milk fat balls and form a uniform and stable system.

  • Dispersion

The surface activity of sorbitan monostearate is strong, which can be adsorbed on the small solid particles in the dispersed phase so that the solid particles in the dispersed phase can be dispersed uniformly and not easy to precipitate, which can improve the solubility and dispersion of food.

  • Anti-aging effect of starch

Sorbitan monostearate ester has formed fatty acid long chain structure, can be linked with starch and become a spiral complex, thereby reducing the degree of starch molecules crystallization, and into the starch internal and prevent starch condensation, thereby preventing the aging of products, back to life, extend the shelf life.

  • Improvement of crystalline material

In chocolate products, it can inhibit the formation and precipitation of oil crystals, prevent frosting on the surface, improve brittleness and shape retention, improve taste and luster, and increase softness. In margarine, shortening, and ice cream, the ingredients are mixed evenly, inhibiting the formation and growth of ice crystals.

  • Quality improvement

Increase kneading and machining resistance of dough; Increase the tolerance of dough to changes of ingredients; Increased tolerance to poor handling and transportation, such as "shaking"; To increase the promotion of the fermentation process, so that when the ratio of dressings changes or there is a bad operation, or the quality of flour fluctuates slightly, the surface food can play an objective modification role in the processing process, increasing the process adaptability and quality stability of flour.

  • Preservation effect

Improve the water holding capacity of food, make the food softer, increase the freshness, prolong the shelf life.

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